Monday, March 19, 2012

Cultivate Wines - Wines With a Why

Ali and Charles Banks, along with winemakers Andy Erickson and Nat Gunter are the names behind Cultivate Wines.  This group has been responsible for over 20 90+ rating wines in the last ten years, including Screaming Eagle, one of the most revered and expensive California wines.

What they’re about: Wines with a Why -- their business is wine, their mission is a fuller life for all. It’s about making great wines, giving away 10% of sales, encouraging all to Cultivate Life.

Cultivate Wines are value-priced wines from two highly-respected winemakers. Their goal with Cultivate is to make quality, delicious wine affordable to all. By having an expert team sourcing juice from around the world rather than the expense of owning land/vineyards, a better value can be realized and passed onto consumers.

Two of Cultivate’s 6 wines are packaged in eco-friendly 3-liter boxes. The boxed wines stay fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening when kept in the refrigerator and are totally recyclable. Boxes also cut down significantly on shipping waste due to their light weight and efficiently-packable shape, creating a lighter carbon footprint. When used for by-the-glass programs in restaurants or for events, there is less wine waste, as an unfinished bottle isn’t being thrown out at the end of the night. The boxes can simply be put back in the refrigerator and saved.

Charitable giving - Cultivate has a model that provides giving 10% of sales to non-profits supporting education and basic human needs. For every $1 taken in, Cultivate gives $.10 to charity, regardless of cost of goods or overhead. This ‘off the top’ donation is quite unique and much more generous than most other product programs with charity components. Each bottle sold results in measurable gains for the greater good. Cultivate has a democratic, “crowdsourcing” online platform to decide where the money should go. Non-profits can submit themselves on the website for funding, and then anyone can go on the website and vote. Every month starting in December 2011, a minimum of $25,000 will be given away to charities via the website submissions.

Connect with Cultivate Wines via their website, on Facebook,  or on Twitter.

(Information taken from the Cultivate Media website and Press Pack.)

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