Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guest Post: Best Apps for Organizing Your Wine Cellar

5 wine apps to turn you into a full-fledged wine snob

While using your LG phones when drinking wine might not be a great idea (we’ve all texted something we shouldn’t have after a few too many celebratory beverages); you can accomplish a lot of work on your wine cellar thanks to your smart phone when you’re not tipsy. Putting together an impressive wine cellar requires a lot of wine exploration—followed by a lot of wine education. This includes learning about vintages, food pairings, exploring different wine regions and grapes, taking notes on your favorite wines, and finally picking and categorizing wines for your own personal cellar.
Regardless of if you are familiar with tannins or not, or if you drink from a screw cap bottle vs. only bottles with corks, the following wine apps will help you put together a wine cellar that even the biggest wine snobs will be jealous of:
1. Vintage Chart (Free – for iPhone)
The Vintage Chart app for iPhone gives you access to Wine Spectator’s most admired features—its vintage charts. This means you’ll have advice from the real experts as you go shopping for the perfect wine for your collection. These vintage charts will help you make an educated decision about the quality and character of wines depending on particulars—like year, region, winemaker, and etc. Thanks to Vintage Chart, you’ll have the voice of an expert in the palm of your hand.
2. Pocket Wine ($3.99 for iPhone)
Voted one of the most popular wine apps in the world, Pocket Wine will help you unlock the complexity of wine and all the major Table Wine grape varieties and blends (78 in all). To help you choose a suitable wine for your cellar or just for a special occasion, Pocket Wine will identify the style of wine that you will mostly likely prefer based on your own answers to user questions. If you prefer a certain food with wine, Pocket Wine can help you with food pairings so you can catalogue your wines with meal serving details. Soon you’ll be buying and drinking wine like an expert.
3. Cellar ($4.99 – for iPhone)
The Cellar app is not simply a list of names and vintages—it helps you organize your cellar online so when you browse your app it’s like exploring a real wine cellar. You can categorize wine by type, grape, region, price, personal notes, pairings, vintage, wine producer, year, and you can even give it a score or rating. And when you finish a bottle, simply remove it from your collection by using the app to place it in the “garage”. If you get a bottle you despise, you can use the app to throw it in the “trash” so you don’t make the mistake of buying it again. You can also take it along to restaurants so if you try a particularly tasty bottle, you can put it on your “wish list” so you don’t forget the name.
4. Snooth Wine Pro ($4.99 – for iPhone)
Utilizing recognition technology to make you feel even more like James Bond, Snooth Wine Pro let’s wine lovers capture a photo of the wine label and match it to a vintner in the app’s enormous impressive database. You can also create your own “virtual cellar” wine inventory management system, which categorizes your wines as far as type, price, region or vintage. Plus, read descriptions and user reviews of wines in your local liquor store, or perform a geographic search for the nearest wine store to your current location.
5. Wine Notes (Free – for iPhone)
Have you ever tried a wine at a restaurant or social event that you loved and wanted to remember, only to forget the name the next morning? I know that I have and I kick myself for it every time. Well, good news is that the Wine Notes app allows you to record the name of your favorite wines right away so you never forget them. Plus, you can provide all the details on tasting notes (e.g., berry, cherry, oak and citrus) food pairings that made it so special the first time.  And if you don’t have time for much more than a picture—that’s OK too! Use Wine Notes to snap and store a photo of your newfound favorite vintage using the app.

Author bio: Melanie Gray is a writer for AndGeeks, a popular site that provides Android news, commentary, reviews and beginner Android tips for Droid newbies.
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