Monday, January 30, 2012

Native Foods Cafe Restaurant Review

I haven't eaten meat since October and have been mostly vegan since the beginning of this year. I was really excited last year when Native Foods Cafe announced they were opening one of their vegan restaurants right across the street from where I work. Delays led to this location only opening after the New Year and personal business delayed my eating there until very recently.

I've tried ordering foods using both options - online/pickup and at the counter (maybe I'll even dine in one day!). The online ordering was relatively simple, though not totally intuitive. Pickup was painless, and the cashier had me sign up for the Loyalty Program, which immediately earned me a free drink and could, through future purchases, get me some gift cash to use on subsequent meals. Ordering at the counter was equally easy - I was told my order would take 6-9 minutes, but it seemed much faster. Friendly happy employees are definitely the norm here.

It's kind of inspiring to know that literally everything on the menu is vegan and thus can be ordered without concern. It's also overwhelming, as the options seem endless. Of course they are not, but I want to try everything.

The food I tried all tasted fresh, with a good assortment of vegetables in each bowl (I've eaten there several times now). The drinks are unusual (Watermelon Fresca, Lavender Lemonade) but very tasty.

The Soul Bowl was outstanding, even though it was listed as having red beans (it did not) and "Jazzman Rice" (it had plain white rice, maybe it's a play on "jasmine rice?"). The Gyro Bowl was not particularly successful, especially not as a gyro replacement. As with most vegan foods, some items are successful, while others are less so. I look forward to working my way through the menu, especially when it comes to the dessert case. :)

If you're vegan, hope that Native Foods opens up near you. If you're not vegan, check them out - this restaurant will change the way you might think about eating vegan. They are that good.

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  1. I haven't heard of them, so I'm guessing we don't have one too close (although maybe DC?). Great to have that option right by your office!