Friday, December 9, 2011

ZORK Wine Closures

I have an interest in non-cork closures and am not turned off by screw caps and the like. Some people argue that only corks allow for some air transfer within an aging bottle, but it’s strange to me that magnums (a larger format) are preferred for aging – as a larger bottle, they have less air surface area by volume, so the cork might not be doing that much. I truthfully don’t know.

Have you heard of ZORK wine closures? Me either, until I read Good Better Best Wines. Intrigued, I Googled them and here’s what I found.

Nothing like a good double-entendre

ZORK Pty Ltd was founded specifically to develop and commercialise alternative closures for the global wine and spirits beverage industry.

 Consumers have embraced the convenience and quality experience of ZORK. Domestic Australian and imported brands under ZORK have achieved success not only in the US, but worldwide. The overwhelming response from consumers to STL is that they love the convenience of being able to open their wine without a corkscrew while retaining the pop!

STL is also suitable for use with fortified wines, spirits, other high volume alcohols and other beverages. The materials used have been extensively tested and the closure has met, and in many instances exceeded, the industry benchmarks for wine bottle closures.

ZORK closures have been designed with consideration for the environment.

• Reduce - lower carbon emissions
• Reuse - can be used to reseal still and sparkling wine
• Recycle - 100% recyclable polyethylene

The STL closure is a patented, alternative wine closure that solves the problems of cork taint and random oxidation for still wines.

The STL closure for still wine incorporates a:

• Tough outer cap – resistant to dents and leaking
• Metal foil liner - low and consistent oxygen transfer
• Tamper evident tear tab - consumer protection
• Inert plunger - reliable seal & pop on opening, will not scalp or taint.

SPK for sparkling wines delivers producers:

• Bubbles - high and consistent CO2 retention
• Taint free - no TCA or flavour modification
• Easy opening - safe and intuitive
• Reseal - reseals and retains pressure
• Bottling – simple change parts for existing equipment

SPK delivers consumers:

• Confidence in consistency of the product
• Convenience of opening and reseal
• Contemporary appeal


Have you tried ZORK wine closures?
What other cork alternatives do you like?

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