Monday, December 19, 2011

Uvaggio - Interesting Italian Varietals From California

Uvaggio, based in Lodi, CA, are not attempting to duplicate what Italy has to offer. Rather, they are interpreting some varietals, to bridge the best of both worlds. Their desire is to honor what Italy has done for centuries while bringing a modern product to American winedrinkers.
Their focus is on more unusual varietal grapes, including Vermentino, Moscato Giallo, Rosato, Primitivo, and Barbera. These grapes are vinified into a range of fruity, expressive wines - white, pink and red – they are mostly dry though one is sweet.
When it comes to the world of wine, here is what they believe:
  • Wine should be fun.
  • Part of that fun is trying something different.
  • Wine should complement a meal, not replace it.
  • One need not have to take out a loan to buy a case.
  • If you like their wine, open another bottle. Enjoy something new!
Can’t argue with that.
When it comes to their wine closures, their decision was to honor several centuries of tradition (and postpone the consignment of our corkscrew collection to E Bay) but in lieu of a natural cork, they opted to use a very high quality agglomerated product (i.e. technical cork) which is produced from chopped cork. Think of it as a cork board in a convenient cylindrical form. The raw material is screened for TCA (nasty moldy smelling stuff) and other undesirable off characters, processed for its removal (if detected). I personally feel that screwtops, which the winemakers decry, are the future, but I admire their finding a way to use cork while reducing the chances of corked bottles.
I received a bottle of their Moscato as a media sample, look for tasting notes tomorrow.



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