Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Post: Wine Education

If you have a high interest in wine, perhaps you should consider becoming a wine waiter or sommelier. In order to better prepare yourself for this career, you will need to attend a wine school. Even if you aren’t interested in turning your love for wine into a career, attending a wine school can be a fun way to further educate yourself about your wine hobby.

The Five Best U.S. Wine Schools

The following is a list of the top five best wine schools in the United States, according to Food and Wine Magazine:

Chicago Wine School: Independently operated by Director and teacher Patrick Fegan, the Chicago Wine School offers a five week course that covers the basics of wine in a non-confusing, non-intimidating way.

International Wine Center, New York City: This wine school has been open since 1982 and became the first organization in the United States to become affiliated with the prestigious Wine and Spirit Education Trust and offer its courses. In 2003, the International Wine Center in New York City became the U.S. Headquarters of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

International Wine Guild, Denver: The International Wine Guild of Denver is an accredited wine vocational school that offers diploma programs and professional certifications. You don’t have to be seeking a professional certification, however, to attend this school; wine enthusiasts are welcome, too! They even offer a wine judge diploma.

Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies, Culinary Institute of America, Napa: The Wine Professional Program in Napa offers courses in the basic of wine, wines of the world, wine and food pairing, the business of wine and wine immersion. Courses are both students who are looking to work as wine professional or students who are looking to learn more about wine for personal pleasure.

Washington Wine Academy, Alexandria, Virginia: This non-profit wine school focuses on educational wine tastings in the Washington D.C. metro area. Classes are taught by wine professionals and experts in the area. Certification classes are also offered on specific dates.

Fees and tuition vary at each school. For more information about how to enroll and class schedules, visit each school’s website by searching each respective school in Google. Bon appetit!

Guest Author: Carrie Oakley is editor and writer for Online Universities. She likes to write articles about many topics of interest, including career planning.

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