Monday, November 28, 2011

Wine Personality Test

Discover the perfect wine for you.

Wine is known for its extraordinary complexity and diversity - no two bottles are alike. And just as there are many different reds, whites and everything in between, every wine drinker has their own unique personality.

The Little Penguin Wine Personality Test will help you find your ideal wine match, and all you have to do is think like the little guy himself. Whether you identify with the strong alpha male, or even the home-making ladybird, we have the perfect wine to match your unique penguin persona.

My results?

I am a Shiraz Cabernet!

I am not afraid of taking risks. A natural-born problem solver, no challenge is too big for me to take on. Being a deep, intellectual bird, I take time to contemplate the important things in life. As I stare into my deep purple glass of Little Penguin Shiraz Cabernet, I find meaning, as well as smooth, juicy taste.

All in good fun, right? What's YOUR wine personality?


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