Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Vintner's Apprentice Book Review

The Vintner’s Apprentice (Beverly, MA: Quarry Books, 2011), by Eric Miller, is “(a)n insider’s guide to the art and craft of wine making, taught by the masters.”

Eric Miller is the owner and winemaker at Chaddsford Winery  in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. A lifelong oenophile, Miller learned his craft in France’s prestigious Burgundy region and apprenticed at his family’s Hudson Valley winery before hand-selecting his own terroir in southeastern Pennsylvania, where he founded Chaddsford Winery in 1982. His wines have been called “enchanting” and “perfect” by Gourmet, and have been featured in Food & Wine, the New York Times, and Philadelphia magazine. Eric has also been a leader in the development of premium viticulture in his home region, both as a board member of the Pennsylvania Commodities Council and past president and longtime board member of the Pennsylvania Association of Winegrowers.

This book promises:
  • Insight into every step of the grape’s journey to your glass, from planting to fermenting to bottling—and beyond!
  • Twelve wine experts share their old-world, classic skills with you through extensive interviews.
With winegrowing becoming more prevalent in the U.S. (dare I say hip?), this is a great introductory book that gives one advice on selecting a site, planting a vineyard, harvesting and crushing the grapes, creating blends, and much more. The masters that Miller interviews are wide-ranging and interesting characters in their own right, bringing many unique perspectives to the book.

This, visually, is a gorgeous book and, even though it’s a paperback, it has the feel of a coffee table book. Apart from the beautiful photos, it has a wealth of knowledge suitable to inform the well-read connoisseur, the dilettante, all the way to the would-be home winemaker. This is must-have addition for your wine book library.


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