Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Great Weekend in Michigan Wine Country

The weather gods smiled upon us, giving perfect fall weather for the weekend. Once again, we headed over to Michigan wine country, to soak up what may be one of the last nice weekends weatherwise.

For lunch, we headed over to Soē Café in Sawyer. Though we’ve driven by several times and it looked really nice, we’ve never had the opportunity to stop in. Saturday was the perfect opportunity. Soē Café’s emphasis is on local food and drink, though it’s not exclusively so. Laima took the opportunity to sample local Old Shore Vineyard’s Pinot Noir-based ‘Sofia’ Rosé, which paired nicely with her blue cheese grass-fed burger. I added to my Wine Century Club by drinking a Chilean Pedro Ximénez, which was just right for my grilled cheese, as was the rosé. The interior is quite beautiful, very simple and well-lit, with outstanding natural light streaming in on that sunny day. There is a fireplace at one end, we didn’t ask if it worked, but it appeared like it would be functional on cold winter days. This is a really great addition to the local dining options, and we’re glad that there is an opportunity to support local agriculture. The one problem? Not a single item for vegans, really a terrible oversight. Hopefully in the future they’ll add some options.

Soe Cafe on Urbanspoon

We looked at a few possible vineyard sites, and there seem to be quite a few available, with various benefits to each one. It will be interesting to see what is still around when and if we pull the trigger. A few more things need to fall into place, but the winery project appears to be on track. Exciting and scary.

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  1. I really enjoyed the food and company at Soe Cafe and the Old Shore rose!

  2. Looks so lovely, Kovas! If you do pull the trigger, I will come visit and taste. :)