Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Things About the Wine Business

W. Blake Gray, Palate Press' first columnist, started off with a great article: Ten Things I Learned in the Wine Business. Head over to read about:
  1. Old wines are more unattractive to wine shops than old people.
  2. Publications like this love unusual varieties. Consumers do not.
  3. Most people don’t care about wine-food pairing.
  4. Wine writers like to explore lesser-known regions. Consumers do not.
  5. Wine writers hate Robert Parker for a reason—he’s influential and they’re not.
  6. Nobody cares about gold medals.
  7. Gatekeepers are king.
  8. Very little of the wine’s retail cost goes to the winery.
  9. Winery economics are screwed up because many people don’t think about wine as a business.
  10. While wine is a business, it is almost as cool as you think it is.
Informative and funny, really a great read.

Have a great weekend all!

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