Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wine 101

I need to publicly state that I am NOT a wine expert, not even a wine connoisseur. I do, however, love to drink wine. And, much like the cartoon above, while I don't know much about wine, I do know what I like. Here's how I decide whether I like a wine or not:
  1. Open bottle.
  2. Pour into vessel - stem glass is nice, but not necessary. Plastic cup will do in a pinch, but then I'd rather drink straight from the bottle.
  3. Taste.
That's it. I don't really care about the provenance, the producer, the price, or what have you. The truth is in the bottle.

I'm really no wine snob (as my wife probably rues every time I buy wine). I enjoy 2 Buck Chuck along with more expensive wines I get at my in-laws and everything in between. I also have a preference for fruitier wines, but can appreciate a dry one just as easily. The underlying wine philosophy is to always enjoy the wine, along with the company, food, and the setting.

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