Tuesday, September 27, 2011

White Wine Versus Red Wine

White wine versus red wine - some people become quite passionate about one or the other, extolling its virtues to the detriment of the other. I definitely lean towards being a red wine drinker, though I do enjoy white wines on occasions as well as blush/ro wines (gasp!). I thought it might be interesting to take a quick look and see what the primary differences might be in terms of benefits or nutrition.

The French Paradox made red wine drinkers revel, showing that perhaps it was red wine consumption that allowed the French to eat, we, like the French, yet stay trim and healthy. Not all researchers believe in the dominance of red over white, however. Some studies so no or little difference between the health benefits of drinking white wine versus red. Alcohol on its own is beneficial : heart healthy, stress-reducing, it also aids in the body’s ability to absorb antioxidants. Both white and red wines contain similar levels of alcohol, so there may be no difference in the benefits.

Red Wine               

(5 ounces)
120 calories
180 milligrams potassium
15 grams alcohol

White Wine

(5 ounces)
118 calories
101 milligrams potassium
14.6 grams alcohol

Not much difference, is there?

“Red wine versus white wine - is there a difference in health benefit?,” by Dr. Phillip Norrie is an interesting article that goes over much of this in greater depth.

So what's your take? What have you heard or read?
Does it matter which you drink?


  1. I'm such a red drinker, although, like you, I will do the occasional white or blush in the summer if that's what everyone is having. And let's not overlook red's antioxidant power!

  2. I prefer reds, but lately have been drinking more white also. Research indicates both are healthy as long as you are consistently drinking and in moderation:)